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What is trademark protection?

Generally, if your product is used in commerce a trademark may protect your brand name or logo for your business. Such a brand name or logo will distinguish your good from others in commerce.

What is a service mark?

A service mark is a symbol word or phrase that distinguishes and identifies your service in the market.

What does a patent protect?

A patent protects an inventor’s new innovation if it is novel and non-obvious for a period of time. This right is given by the United States via the United States Patent and Trademark office to exclude others from selling or manufacturing the novel non-obvious original innovation for a period of time.

Why should I get a patent search?

Even if you quietly and secretly developed your innovation out of sight of anyone and informed no one of your development many innovations take place that you are just not aware of. If another’s innovation predates your application then you run the risk of not having the option of securing your exclusive right to your innovation. A complete patent search by a licensed professional will give you an accurate snapshot of the landscape in your art and a professional assessment of if you should or should not pursue patent registration.

What type of patent application should I file?

If your innovation is ready to go to the market and you have conducted a professional patent search then you may want to pursue a more comprehensive patent application in the form of a non-provisional patent application. However, if you developed an innovative, novel non-obvious invention, yet you are still contemplating if you should move forward with the comprehensive and expensive patent process or you are still developing a manufacturing approach then you may want to pursue a less expensive provisional patent application.