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Organic Intellectual Properties

Organic Intellectual Properties was founded by an intellectual property professional with over a decade of experience advocating for clients. We specialize in business corporate development providing service in business intellectual property - with a focus on patents and trademarks, business formation, and business governance. At one point our founder was extremely frustrated with the IP process because the expense of the process removes a certain group of innovators who can't afford the large fees and don't have the time to learn a new industry. We wanted to make it more affordable so we streamlined our process keeping the excellence of service and eliminating the unnecessary fluff.  

— Organic Intellectual Properties —

Services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Patent search – Novelty, Invalidity, Freedom to Operate,
  • Provisional Patent application filing,
  • Non-Provisional Patent application filing,
  • PCT Filings,
  • Office actions,
  • Trademark search,
  • Trademark application filing,
  • Corporate governance,
  • Business entity formation

Registered Patent Agent
Intellectual Property Specialist

Andre' B. Dandridge, JD

Mr. Dandridge holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctorate with a concentration in Intellectual Property Communication Law from Michigan State University College of law. He has worked as a Medical Technologist in the Biomedical Research and Clinical laboratory. Mr. Dandridge has worked in the intellectual property division of corporate and business law firms in Michigan, Indiana, and Florida. His focus is on economic development, business formation, and intellectual property: Trademarks and Patents. He is a published author, former faculty member for a University Legal Studies program and a Big Ten Law School.


Invest In You. Invest In Your Idea.

Many innovative minds give away their invention because they don't think it is affordable. We have streamlined our services to provide excellent service for a reasonable price.