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Patent and trademark search and application filings at a reasonable price.

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Patent & Trademark

We have developed a system that allows for Patent/ Trademark search and application filings at a reasonable price.

Comprehensive Novelty  Patent Search Report

Do you know what else has been created in your industry that is similar to your invention? It is imperative that you get a skilled professional to search beyond Google to help you determine the novelty of your invention.

Patent Application: Patent Pending

After your favorable patent search, you may decide to file it is best to file a provisional patent application. This will give you up to 12 months of protection for a lower price while you determine if you want to file a Nonprovisional patent application.

Trademark Search and Application filing

Are you using your companies logo in commerce that distinguishes your business in the market? Trademark protection is something you may strongly want to consider.  Before you file your application you want to do a comprehensive trademark search.

Comprehensive Novelty Patent Search Report


Flat Rate, Best Package Offer

Comprehensive Search of US Patents Comprehensive Search of Non US Patents Professional Analysis of similar patents and potential Novelty issues

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Provisional or Nonprovisional Patent Application

Simple $967
Complex $1,337

*depends on industry, art, invention, *plus USPTO Filing fee

Prepare and Draft Provisional Patent Application Consultation with Patent Professional Patent Pending Status for up to 12 months Non-Provisional Patent applications filling: Simple $3,500 Complex $4,800

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Trademark Search & Trademark Application Filing

Search $197
Flat rate $997

*plus USPTO Filing fee

Comprehensive Search of US Trademarks If you decide to do it yourself just answer some question that we review through our online process and file electronically If you want us to do it we will do all the heavy lifting to get your application filled

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